Privacy policy


Anti-collector 2.0 — Rules for ensuring the confidentiality of personal data

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter — the Policy) of the Anti-Collector 2.0 application (hereinafter — the Application) applies to all information that the Application can receive about the user during its use.

The application is permitted by the law of the Russian Federation on the protection of private life. Article 23 (Part 1).

The application is allowed by the law of Ukraine on the protection of privacy, article 32 of the Constitution.

Use of the Application constitutes the user’s acceptance of this Policy and the conditions for the processing of his personal information specified in it. In case of disagreement with these conditions, the user must refrain from using the application.

  1. Terms of collection and processing of personal data of users
    We collect information when you use the App.

The information we collect may include: telephone numbers.

The information we receive from you is used by us to:

  • Improve user support system
  • Improve the quality of applications, ease of use
  • For statistical and other studies based on anonymized data

2. Storage, use of personal data

  • We do not store personal user data.
  • All necessary information for the operation of the Application is stored in the user’s phone, only the login and the number of the subscriber added to the black list is sent to the server.

3. Transmission of personal data

We do not pass on information received from users to third parties.

In accordance with Article 7 of the Law on Personal Data No. 152-ФЗ dated July 27, 2006, disclosure and transfer of personal data to third parties is prohibited without the consent of their carrier.

5. Changes
Privacy policy updates are published on this page.

For the convenience of users, all versions of the privacy policy are to be stored in archive files.

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